Our philosophy, our way of doing and creating, is completely handmade and own production.

From the daily bread making, to the desserts production, "we do everything". Like this we can control and modify to our needs, all the details that make our restaurant an unique and distinctive place.

The maximum detail care, preparation time, cooking and constant innovation, under the new techniques and processes, combined with traditional and local cuisine, gives us a differentiation point of that we expect the client appreciates and value.

Many trials and tests, the instinct to succeed and the ability to absorb the advice of our colleagues and friends have managed that today, we can provide well harmonized dish that will delight the most demanding palates.

We live for the cuisine and gastronomy is the way we live. We demand the highest quality from our suppliers in order to offer it to our customers. Without top quality products it's difficult to offer distinctive flavours, rich and tasty textures.

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