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These provisions include the general conditions of view of every user of the La Capella Restaurant Website.

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As a general rule, and unless otherwise provided, access to the Web Site is free, without prejudice to the cost of connection to the network that the User has. Also, there may be services that are only provided to customers who have previously hired them and to whom they have been assigned access codes. Any service may require the acceptance of particular clauses that complete, clarify or specify these general conditions.

The general conditions link the User each time he starts his connection, so the user is recommended to consult them every time they access the Web Site, as they may have been modified without prior notice.




The totality of the elements of this web page, as much texts as images, graphs, icons, drawings, documents; or any other distinctive or active industrial property; files, regardless of the type they are; the structure itself; design and final appearance of it; they are owned by La Capella Restaurant.

All industrial and intellectual property rights on this website and its elements are legally reserved in favor of Restaurante La Capella, so the fact that users can freely access it should not be considered, in any case, as the granting of an authorization, license of use or any right on any of its elements.

It is expressly forbidden the total and / or partial reproduction of any content of this website. It is also prohibited to transform, distribute public communication, make available to the public and in general any exploitation, by any procedure and in any medium and on any medium, of all or part of the contents of the website. Likewise, it is prohibited to use its structure, design and final appearance.



The reports, dossiers, communications and publications, Newsletters of La Capella Restaurant, and ultimately the information of any kind, which regardless of its content and format is incorporated into the website available to users, is purely informative, and therefore it does not constitute the provision of a legal, fiscal, economic or business advice service, and must never be taken as such. This information should not, in any case, be considered sufficient to make decisions; For this, it is necessary to have professional advice adjusted to the circumstances of each specific case.


La Capella Restaurant informs with total clarity and transparency;
Individuals should know about the management of their personal data:

That your personal data is NOT being collected, neither using nor consulting
The data is NOT NOR will be treated.
NO Data Protection is done, since they are not collected.
There is NO delegate of data protection.
The period during which the personal data will be kept (E-mail, Name) will be the minimum to make the reservation. Once the reservation is made, they will be deleted.
The possibility of exercising the right to file a claim with a control authority.
No profiles will be developed, since no customer data is collected.
There is no intention to transfer your personal data to a third country or international organization.

Restaurante La Capella does not guarantee that it is always possible to access each and every one of the contents of this page, nor assumes any duty or commitment to verify or monitor the content and information incorporated in it. Therefore, it does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or usefulness of the information. Likewise, Restaurante La Capella declines any responsibility for the contents of the web pages accessed through links included in it, nor assumes any duty of control over them.


For all the above, neither La Capella Restaurant nor any of its collaborators assumes any responsibility for the use that users make of the information they access, whether directly or indirectly through this website.

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However, it is a dynamic website and this implies that it is practically impossible to test each and every one of the pages that can be consulted. Therefore, if you find problems to navigate in any particular page, please inform us through the email address


Accessibility Specifications

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Downloading documents

The documents that are downloaded are in PDF format, you can view them with the free application Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can also download a version with accessibility options from the Acrobat document reader.